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100 club

Why not support your club with a membership of our very own '100'-Club?

For less than a £1 a week you will be entered in a monthly draw for 3 prizes.


1st Prize - £1x number of members e.g. 30 members = £30

2nd Prize - 1/2 first prize e.g. 30 members = £15

3rd Prize - 1/4 first prize e.g. 30 members = £7.50

60% of proceeds go to the club funds with 40% allocated to prizes

The draw takes place in the clubhouse every second Sunday between the first and second races.

Click here for a membership form - please complete and return to the Club Treasurer, Andrew Melding.

november winners

1st Prize - Eddie Rees (#7) (£32)

2nd Prize - Caroline O`Brien (#21) (£16)

3rd Prize - Phil Gambrill (#9) (£8)

Previous 100 Club winners

Pilkington Sailing Club is registered with St Helens MBC for the purposes of the Gambling Act 2005 Small Societies Lotteries - Registration Number SLO 832