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100 club

Why not support your club with a membership of our very own '100'-Club?

For less than a £1 a week you will be entered in a monthly draw for 3 prizes.


1st Prize - £1x number of members e.g. 30 members = £30

2nd Prize - 1/2 first prize e.g. 30 members = £15

3rd Prize - 1/4 first prize e.g. 30 members = £7.50

60% of proceeds go to the club funds with 40% allocated to prizes

The draw takes place in the clubhouse every second Sunday between the first and second races.

To join, please contact the Club Treasurer, Andrew Melding.

november winners

1st Prize - Eddie Rees (#7) (£32)

2nd Prize - Caroline O`Brien (#21) (£16)

3rd Prize - Phil Gambrill (#9) (£8)

Previous 100 Club winners

Pilkington Sailing Club is registered with St Helens MBC for the purposes of the Gambling Act 2005 Small Societies Lotteries - Registration Number SLO 832